Our Partnerships

Kuumba takes pride in its many community partnerships.  Here are a few of the many ways Kuumba works with local organizations to jointly achieve its mission:

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Christina Cultural Arts Center

In response to the outcry from Wilmington parents looking for a high-quality public education and increased access to arts education for their children, Christina Cultural Arts Center leaders, parents, and community supporters took action and were granted a Department of Education charter to create Kuumba Academy Charter School (KACS) in 2001. KACS was the first school model in the state that partnered a public charter school with a nonprofit community organization.

Christina Cultural Arts Center (CCAC) and KACS form a unique nonprofit/public school partnership committed to educational excellence. Through the innovative union of academics, arts, technology, and family engagement, each KACS student’s individual learning style is nurtured—resulting in creative learners who are agents of positive change in the community.

The CCAC/KACS model is regarded by many as the single most significant achievement in Wilmington’s post public school desegregation history.

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Reading Assist Institute

Reading Assist Institute is dedicated to children with significant reading challenges, teaching them the foundational skills of reading and empowering them to succeed academically. We help struggling readers learn the basic mechanics of reading, and train tutors, parents and teachers in an evidence-based, multi-sensory, structured approach to literacy education. Through the years, RAI has helped thousands of struggling readers, establishing a regional and national reputation as a leader in literacy support to students, teachers and parents.

21st Century Community Learning Centers

Kuumba has partnered with 21st Century Community Learning Centers for the past decade.  21st CCLC provides funding for Kuumba's 6-week summer program as well as its after school program.

Through this partnership, Kuumba is able to serve over 250 unduplicated students per year.


When students and teachers are engaged in work that is challenging, adventurous and meaningful, learning and achievement flourish. Our mission is to create classrooms where teachers can fulfill their highest aspirations, and students achieve more than they think possible, becoming active contributors to building a better world

Community Education Building (CEB)

It is our belief that all children can excel academically, and if Delaware is to be globally competitive, it must have a world class K-12 public education system. It is our desire that the Community Education Building be a catalyst for quality education for children  in the City of Wilmington, which, in turn, could drive improved education across the State and the country. As our students succeed in life, they too will be the voice that will strengthen the movement to eradicate educational inequities.