School Nurse

Welcome to Kuumba Academy! My name is Carol Moore MA, BSN, RN, the school’s nurse who will be responsible for providing care for your child when needed. My office is located  within the health office on the 3rd floor.  You may reach me at:
Phone:  302-660-4750 ext 107

Emergency Cards:

Please make sure the emergency card is completed (front and back), signed and returned to the school. Please complete one (1) form per child even if you are in the same household. In addition the health history form is to be completed.

Download Emergency Card

Forms should be updated with any changes that have occurred throughout the year.

Medical Information:

By law, students are not permitted to carry medications with them at school (see nurse regarding epipens/asthma medication).  All medications are to be administered by the school nurse, and students must have parental permission. A consent form to administer over the counter medication is included with the emergency card, please sign and return if you agree to a specific over the counter medication being administered.

Note: An asthma action plan and inhaler is required to be at school in the health for any student who has been diagnosed by a physician with asthma.

Medication Prescribed By The Physician:

A parent/guardian must give written permission for the nurse to administer the medication.

Specify: the name of medication, amount to be given, time to be given, and the reason the student is on the medication.

Medication must be brought to school in the original container and the pharmacy label in place.

Medication - Parental Permission to Administer Medication in School

Asthma Action Plan:

If your child has been diagnosed with Asthma and is under the care of a physician. Please have your physician complete the attached Asthma Action Plan and return to the health office.


At times children have accidents, spills, or torn clothing and we try to provide a change, when possible. Please be mindful to return any clothing provided for your child after laundering. If your child is prone to accidents please make sure you provide them with a complete change of clothing.

When should my child stay home from school?

  • Fever: a temperature of 100 degrees or higher.
  • Vomiting and/or diarrhea
  • Communicable diseases such as chickenpox, strep throat, untreated head lice, ringworm, pink eye, etc.

Your child must be properly treated for 24 hours (or medically cleared by your healthcare provider) before returning to school. Let us work together on keeping our school healthy.