School Snapshot

"Kuumba Academy Charter School (KACS) is a school with high expectations for students both academically and behaviorally. The teachers and staff believe that every child can succeed. They also do a fantastic job of making KACS a positive, caring, and fun place to be.”
           -  Nicole Lancellotti, Second-Grade General Education Teacher at KACS

Head of School: Sally Maldonado

Assistant Principal: Tamara Price

Number of Homeroom Teachers: 14

Grades: K–8                

Enrollment: 744 students

Student Demographics:
African American: 91.1%
American Indian: .9%
Hawaiian: .1%
Hispanic/Latino: 7.3%
White: .5%
From Low-Income Households: 84.7%

Environment: Innovative, arts-integrated learning with small class sizes

School Hours: 8:00a.m.–3:30p.m.              

After Care:  3:45p.m.–6:00p.m.

Uniforms: Yes

Academic Focus: KACS students learn problem-solving, critical thinking, and number sense through an Expeditionary Learning (EL) model, which organizes student learning around a project-based, learning-by-doing approach.

Computers and Technology: SMART Boards and computers in all classrooms; computerized MAP testing to monitor progress and tailor instruction three times a year; iPads for students in grades four and five.


1200 North French Street
Wilmington, DE 19801
P: 302.660.4750



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