Kuumba Perspectives

“One thing I like about the school is how everyone is nice to everybody.”
  - Emmanuel Knotts

This is just one of the many positive things our students and parents have to say about their experiences at Kuumba Academy Charter School! Continue below to hear more of their perspectives.

Student Perspectives

“KACS has supported me for about five years—since kindergarten—and this school has produced something that I think other schools haven’t: the creativity that other people share. We always work together to create something beyond anyone’s imagination. It’s always great to wake up and go to school.”
 - Genesis Lyons


“The school’s fun because [it] has a lot of after school programs. [We don’t] just do work and go home.”
- Santana Gonzalez


“I think KACS is a good school...They push me on to do better.”
- Sanaa Hardy



“Teachers [are] always interacting with students and trying to help. [They] have special bonds with each student.”

- Kennedy Garner


“I think the school is good because it's not only a school to go to for academics, but they give you time to express yourself academically and athletically.”
 - David Carr


“I like learning about things I can use when I go out into the world.”
 - Whitney Grinnage-Cassidy


Parent Perspectives

“One of the things I love about KACS is that they have a small community of teachers and family members that all work together for the greater good of the community. And it is a community over there...Everyone wants their child to get a great education, but not everyone can afford to send their kids to schools that give them that education that prepares them for higher education. Well, KACS is one of the schools. It is free to the community, and they offer such a great education and foundation to build on when your children leave. Thanks to KACS, our children can excel in any environment.”

 - John Finney, former KACS parent of two


“I couldn't ask for a better school for them to go to; just the fact that they’re exposed to the arts the way that they are. I was an art student in Philadelphia, and it means so much to me to have my daughter exposed to the arts through schooling, and learning as well as she is. She’s an Honor Roll student, as is my granddaughter. And it’s because of the small classrooms and teaching they receive. I’ve also made friends with the teachers and the children. It’s just one big, happy family. I wouldn’t put my kids anywhere else.”

- Patricia Talford, former KACS parent and grandparent


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