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Greetings Kuumba Families, 8/26/2020

Orientation Schedule and Links
K-4 Parents and Guardians:
August 26, 6pm-7pm
Join K-4 Parent Orientation Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 754 7555 1677
Passcode: 5ttNtS

5th-8th Parents and Guardians:
August 27, 6pm-7pm
Join 5th-8th Parent Orientation Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 754 6240 4130
Passcode: 8iWwWz

Greetings Kuumba Families, 8/19/2020

 Thank you for your feedback and responsiveness to our back to school reopening surveys.  While this certainly has been an extremely challenging time for our Village and our country as a whole, Kuumba remains committed to providing a safe and caring learning environment for our students and families.  We have sought the input of local experts, CDC, staff and parents in order to develop plans for reopening that meet the social emotional, academic and safety needs of our students. 

 Please find an overview of our reopening plans below.  We will also hold a virtual parent information/orientation session on August 26th and 27th at 6:00pm to discuss our plans in more detail.  Virtual class schedules and teacher assignments will be posted on our website following these information sessions.  Materials distribution for students, including chromebooks and curriculum supplies will take place during the week of 8/31. 

Please click on the link below to complete the form to indicate your tech needs and select your pick up date and time:

Ready Week Materials Distribution Sign Up Form

 Returning to school during a pandemic requires stubborn optimism.  We will need to be determined as a school community to teach, support and move our children forward.   We must commit to collaborate, communicate and remain flexible with one another as we work to build a new culture focused on health and safety.  

 We are grateful for your partnership and continued commitment to support our Village through this first phase in our reopening plans.  

 If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  
Sally Maldonado                                                      Ayanna Johnson                                                                  
Head of School                                                        Principal                                                                                        


Greetings Kuumba Families, 3/30/2020

On Monday, March 30th KACS staff are launching the first phase of our distance learning plan.  While the building remains closed to students through May 15th, our team is committed to delivering quality learning during this time.  

Implementing a successful distance learning plan in grades K-8 will take coordination, collaboration, practice, and most importantly, patience.  Staff and students are being asked to teach and learn in new ways that will require a new manner of parental support. We look forward to partnering with you during this challenging time and we are here to support you and your children.  

Distance learning will begin on March 30th.  Our expectations for the first week are as follows:

Reconnect students, teachers, and classmates
Ensure students can engage in online lessons, practice interacting with online tools, and submit assignments
Support families by establishing daily schedules that will provide structure and routine
Help families acquire learning materials in a safe manner through scheduled drive through pick up times
It is important for our families to note that distance learning plans will not be an exact model of the typical school day.  Our academic and arts teams have been working extremely hard to ensure that learning plans are challenging, meaningful, and authentic for our students.  Our distance learning plans will include a mix of teacher instruction and support; independent, age-appropriate, self-paced work; and submission of graded assignments.   Your child’s teacher will continue to send weekly updates with important information regarding distance learning requirements.  

What to expect for parents and guardians

Beginning on Monday, March 30th you and your child can:

Explore online resources and lessons through Classroom Dojo (K-2), Google Classroom (3rd-8th) and Schoology (7th-8th).  
Reach out to your child’s teacher for academic support during virtual office hours
Submit technology support requests related to learning platforms 
Submit assignments for feedback and grading
Engage in distance arts learning including majors for grades 5 and 6, electives for grades 7 and 8. 
Engage in virtual CREW lessons with our Deans and Behavior Interventionist Team
Supports for Special Education Students:

Students with disabilities will be able to access assistive technology outlined in their IEPs or Section 504 plans through the Google Suite.  Your child’s case manager will remain in very close contact with your family to discuss your child’s progress and determine any additional support that may be needed to help your child experience success.  

IEP meetings and parent conferences will continue to take place virtually during our period of closure.  

Getting your child ready for Distance Learning

Technology and Access

Complete the KACS Technology Survey if you do not have at least one reliable device at home: KACS Technology Survey
Contact your child’s teacher to complete your Google Classroom Permission Slip (grades 3-8 only)
Contact your child’s teacher if you are not able to access Class Dojo (grades K-2) 
Get ready to learn

Find a space in your home for your child to complete their work.  
Try to maintain a consistent and predictable schedule for your child to follow M-F
Reference the "At-A-Glance" chart your child's teacher will send at the beginning of each week
Understand how to get help

Utilize your teacher’s established office hours for instructional support
Email your child’s teacher if you need technology support
Contact the Head of School, Sally Maldonado,  or Principal, Ayanna Johnson,  for parent support

We are grateful for your partnership during this transition to distance learning and hope you are all healthy and safe at home.

Sally Maldonado, M. Ed
Head of School


Greetings Kuumba Families, 3/23/2020

On Sunday, Governor John Carney issued new modifications to his State of Emergency declaration, ordering Delawareans to stay at home whenever possible and closing all non-essential businesses in Delaware to help fight the spread of COVID-19.  The order goes into effect at 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday, March 24, 2020. In accordance with the order, the CEB building will be closed to visitors beginning on Tuesday, March 24th.  This evening we learned that all Delaware schools have been ordered to remain closed for students until May 15th.  

Access to meals and quality education remains a priority for Kuumba during this unique and challenging time.  To that end, the CEB will continue to serve breakfast and lunch meals curbside on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8:30 am - 1 pm.  Breakfast and lunch meals are available for ANY child 18 and under. Meals will be provided for two or three days at a time. Children may come unaccompanied, but any adult picking up food must have their child present.  CEB’s Family Resource Center will also continue to support families through the food pantry and social services assistance. Please call the Family Resource Center at 302-660-4753 to schedule an appointment.  

Although school has been closed, our Kuumba staff have been busy planning creative ways to engage with our students in the upcoming weeks.  We will begin sharing additional instructional information for families this week to ensure that all of our students remain academically engaged through our May 15th closure.   The entire Kuumba village is here for our families and ready to assist you during this national crisis.

  KACS is preparing to launch required courses for students online beginning March 30th.

Please take two minutes to complete the following survey by Wednesday, March 25th.  This information will help our team to effectively plan for at-home resources for our families.

Click on link- KACS Technology Survey For Families

Thank you to all of the Kuumba families who have already completed our technology survey.  We are happy to see that many families are already equipped with devices and WiFi access at home. We are also committed to making sure that every family is prepared to begin distance learning at home by connecting families with technology access as needed. 

Sally Maldonado
Head of School

As this deadline quickly approaches we want to make sure we do not miss any families who need access to a device or WiFi to complete these assignments.

Greetings Kuumba Families, 3/16/2020

While we are still working internally to develop a comprehensive plan to address your child's academic needs during a period of extended closure, we do want to make sure that you aware of some immediate resources that are available for your families:

CEB will be providing a "to-go" breakfast and lunch daily on weekdays to any child 18 and under. Breakfast and lunch may be picked up at the same time.  It may be picked up in the CEB lobby from 8:30 am - 1 pm. Children may come on their own or be accompanied by an adult. An adult, however, may not pick up meals without the child present.
CEB's Food Pantry and Family Resource Center will be open on weekdays from 7:30 am - 6 pm. 
Grade level teams will reach out early this week with additional optional educational resources and activities to keep your children academically engaged during our period of closure
Please continue to check your email frequently for on-going updates related to school closures and resources for families.

Sally Maldonado, M. Ed
Head of School

Greetings Kuumba Families, 3/10/2020

A staff member within the Community Education Building recently traveled out of the country to Thailand with a layover in South Korea.  He returned to work at the CEB upon return.  He has been out of the building since Friday, March 6th and we learned today that he is experiencing symptoms consistent with the possible flu and fever.  No confirmed diagnosis has been rendered at this time; therefore, the recommendation from Division of Public Health is to continue with school until a firm diagnosis has been rendered. 

However, after careful consideration of the recommendation, we have decided to error on the side of caution and close until Monday.  The building will undergo deep cleaning during this shutdown and will reopen for students, staff and families on Monday, March 16th.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. The safety and well being of our staff and students remains our highest priority.  

We are in communication with the Department of Health on a daily basis and will continue to communicate information we receive about the impact here in our community as quickly as we can. 

Joan Coker, M.D.                           Sally Maldonado, M. Ed.
Kuumba Board President               Head of School

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  • CEB will be providing a "to-go" breakfast and lunch daily on weekdays to any child 18 and under. It may be picked up in the CEB lobby from 8:30 am - 1 pm. Children may come on their own or be accompanied by an adult. An adult may pick up meals without the child present.
  • CEB's Food Pantry and Family Resource Center will be open on weekdays from 7:30 am - 6 pm. 

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