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Meet Our Team

At KACS, we believe in the importance of recruiting, retaining, developing, and supporting great teachers and leaders who can help our students meet high standards.

Read on to meet them!

Colin Darnall (Kindergarten Teacher)
Education: Graduated from Drexel University; Currently working on Special Education Certification
Experience: Mr. Darnall was a substitute teacher and taught a Head Start pre-kindergarten class in South Philadelphia.
Fun Facts: He enjoys all genres of music and loves cooking and experimenting to make new food creations. In his free time, he can be found listening to records and attending area concerts.

Glendoria Duncan (Kindergarten Paraprofessional)

Experience: Ms. Duncan has been a paraprofessional for three years.
Fun Facts: She’s been married for 20 years and has two daughters.
E-mail: Glendoria.Duncan@kuumba.k12.de.us

Ralandre Lacy (Kindergarten Teacher)
Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education (K–6) Studies; Certificate in Child Advocacy Studies; Currently working on Master’s Degree
Experience: Ms. Lacy has been a paraprofessional and teacher for over ten years.
Fun Facts: She loves traveling and spending time with her daughter.  
E-mail: Ralandre.Lacy@kuumba.k12.de.us

Sarah Babcock (Kindergarten & 1st Grade Special Education Teacher)
Education: B.A. in Elementary Education from High Point University
Experience: Ms. Babcock has taught pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, first grade, S.T.E.M., and special education.
Fun Facts: She enjoys reading, crafting, running, cooking, hiking, and spending time with her husband Matt, their dog Tucker, and their cat Bo.
E-mail: Sarah.Babcock@kuumba.k12.de.us

Ashley Mays (1st Grade Teacher)
Education: Bachelor of Science and Masters of Arts in Teaching Early Childhood Education from Howard University
Experience: Ms. Mays worked with Jumpstart and Turning the Page, nonprofit organizations that provide educational support to students from low-income households. She also taught first grade at the Patrick Henry Elementary School in Alexandria, Virginia for three years.
Fun Facts: Her experience teaching a first-grade class in Haiti reaffirmed her life’s mission to inspire, change, and motivate students.
E-mail: Ashley.Mays@kuumba.k12.de.us

Kady Taylor (1st Grade Teacher)
Education: K–6 Elementary Education Degree from Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania
Experience: Ms. Taylor taught first grade for three years as a corps member of Teach For America.
E-mail: Kady.Taylor@kuumba.k12.de.us

Lauren Corcoran (2nd Grade Teacher)
Education: Graduated from the University of Delaware
Experience: Corps member of Teach For America
Fun Facts: Ms. Corcoran loves to read, go to the beach, and play with her puppy, Piper.
E-mail: Lauren.Corcoran@kuumba.k12.de.us

Ellen Kraft (2nd Grade Teacher)
Experience: Ms. Kraft has been teaching for five years.
Fun Facts: She loves to play tennis, knit, read, and take her dog Leo for long walks.
E-mail: Ellen.Kraft@kuumba.k12.de.us

Taniyah Price (2nd Grade One-On-One Paraprofessional)
Experience: Ms. Price has worked at KACS as a floating paraprofessional, emotional support paraprofessional, and summer counselor.
E-mail: Taniyah.Price@kuumba.k12.de.us

Jennifer Wilson (2nd Grade Teacher)
Education: Graduated from Binghamton University; Currently working on Master’s Degree in Teaching at Relay Graduate School of Education
Experience: Ms. Wilson worked at a summer camp, as an elementary school math tutor, and as a teaching assistant for three different classes.
Fun Facts: While in college, she traveled to Central America yearly to build public health infrastructure and set up medical and dental clinics with an organization called Global Brigades.
E-mail: Jennifer.Wilson@kuumba.k12.de.us

Caroline Letner (3rd Grade Teacher)
Education: Graduated from Franklin and Marshall College
Experience: Ms. Letner is a Teach For America corps member.
E-mail: Caroline.Letner@kuumba.k12.de.us

Christopher Rodriguez (3rd Grade One-On-One Paraprofessional)
Education: Currently in school for undergraduate degree; An active member of the Delaware Air National Guard
Experience: Mr. Rodriguez has been working with children in an urban setting for the last eight years through Urban Promise.
E-mail: Christopher.Rodriguez@kuumba.k12.de.us

Kirsten Lowe (3rd & 4th Grade Special Education Teacher)
Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education with a focus in Mathematics from Salisbury University
Fun Facts: Ms. Lowe’s interests include music, crafting, animals, and of course, teaching!
E-mail: Kirsten.Lowe@kuumba.k12.de.us

Kamika Dixon (4th Grade Teacher)
Education: Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Wilmington University; Master of Science in Administration of Justice with a concentration in Criminal Behavior; Currently working on Doctorate in Education
Experience: Ms. Dixon worked in the finance industry for 15 years.
Fun Facts: She is a bit of an adventurer, has competed in five mud runs, and plans to try white water rafting, kayaking, and indoor skydiving.
E-mail: Kamika.Dixon@kuumba.k12.de.us

Nicole Gicker (4th Grade Teacher)
Education: Graduated from Wilmington University
Experience: Ms. Gicker gained classroom experience at Providence Creek Academy, Prestige Academy, and Lombardy Elementary (in grades 5, 6, and 3 respectively) through student teaching and practicum placements.
Fun Facts: She loves spending time with her family, going to events and concerts with friends, gardening, and keeping her fingers crossed for the Phillies.
E-mail: Nicole.Gicker@kuumba.k12.de.us

Crystal Hercules (5th Grade Teacher)
Education: Studied Public Health at Temple University in Philadelphia
Experience: Ms. Hercules taught Nutrition for the School District of Philadelphia.
Fun Facts: She is originally from Rochester, New York.
E-mail: Crystal.Hercules@kuumba.k12.de.us

Maureen Masters (5th Grade Teacher)
Education: BFA from Moore College of Art and Design; MS in Education from Neumann University
Experience: Ms. Masters has instructed ELA, math, science, and computer science at SGA in New Castle, Delaware for the last seven years.
Fun Facts: She worked and traveled the world as a fashion designer.
E-mail: Maureen.Masters@kuumba.k12.de.us

Danielle Samra (5th Grade Teacher)
Experience: Ms. Samra has also worked at KACS as a second-, third-, and fourth-grade teacher.
Fun Facts: She took a year-long hiatus from KACS to travel.
E-mail: Danielle.Samra@kuumba.k12.de.us

Carissa Latona (Reading Specialist)
Education: Bachelor’s Degree from Lafayette College; Master’s in Education from CUNY Hunter College
Experience: Ms. Latona began her teaching career in a second-grade classroom and eventually switched to Special Education.
E-mail: Carissa.Latona@kuumba.k12.de.us

Kimberly Heeman (5th & 6th Grade Special Education Teacher)
Experience: Ms. Heeman has spent eleven years teaching everything from preschool to eighth grade, and mostly worked with the special education population in each position.
Fun Facts: Outside of teaching, she enjoys reading and spending time with her family, including her two boys and dog named Sully.
E-mail: Kimberly.Heeman@kuumba.k12.de.us

Autumn Green (6th Grade Teacher)
Education: Graduated from Lafayette College; Currently enrolled in Relay Graduate School of Education
Experience: Ms. Green is a Teach For America corps member and had a year-long fellowship as a tutor and assistant to the High School Director at Great Oaks Charter School in Newark, New Jersey.
Fun Facts: She was born and raised on the Upper West Side of New York City.
E-mail: Autumn.Green@kuumba.k12.de.us

Annia Jasper (6th Grade Teacher)
Education: Graduated from Drexel University; Currently working on Master of Arts in Teaching through Relay Graduate School of Education
Experience: Ms. Jasper taught sixth grade ELA summer enrichment at Camden’s Promise Charter School in Camden, New Jersey.
Fun Facts: She loves trying new restaurants, going to concerts, and reading (her goal is to read one new book a month).
E-mail: Annia.Jasper@kuumba.de.us

Ariael Brooks-Porter (7th Grade Teacher)
Education: Graduated from Delaware State University
Experience: Ms. Brooks-Porter is a member of Teach For America.
Fun Facts: While she was an undergraduate student, she cofounded two organizations, joined four honor societies, and graduated in three years. Her passion is to empower, motivate, and educate the youth of tomorrow.
E-mail: Ariael.Brooks-Porter@kuumba.k12.de.us

Najee Dowlen (7th Grade Teacher)
Education: Received dual degrees from the University of Georgia
Experience: Mr. Dowlen worked at the Georgia Institute of Technology as an instructor and program development director.
Fun Facts: He is a native of Atlanta, GA.

Brittany Jeter (7th & 8th Grade Teacher)
Experience: Ms. Jeter just finished teaching seventh-grade ELA at Camden's Promise Charter School in Camden, New Jersey. Before teaching in Camden, she was an Afterschool Program Coordinator for the 4-H Afterschool Program at the University of Delaware. She has served in the Afterschool Program for the last year at Kirk, Shue-Medill, and Gauger-Cobbs Middle Schools.
Fun Facts: In her free time, she loves to write and serve her community.
E-mail: Brittany.Jeter@kuumba.k12.de.us

Tamara Walker (7th & 8th Grade Teacher)
Education: Master’s Degree from The City College of New York; Currently working on Doctorate
Experience: Ms. Walker taught public school in New York City.
Fun Facts: She is from New York City and has two daughters.
E-mail: Tamara.Walker@kuumba.k12.de.us

Rasheeda Ames-Davis (Health & Wellness)
Education: BS Degree in Community Health from Delaware State University; Attended a one-year nursing program
Experience: Ms. Ames-Davis has worked in education for more than ten years. She has been a nurse for eight years and a school nurse for four years.
Fun Facts: She has been married to her college sweetheart for 15 years and has two children.
E-mail: Rasheeda.Ames-Davis@kuumba.k12.de.us

Helen Ford (Family Crisis Therapist)
Education: B.A. in Psychology and Human Development from the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa; Master’s Degree in Family Therapy from Drexel University
Fun Facts: Ms. Ford is originally from Birmingham, Alabama.
E-mail: Helen.Ford@state.de.us

Jessica Bass (Special Education Coordinator)
Education: Bachelor of Science in Special Education from Tennessee State University;  Master’s of Education in Educational Leadership
Experience: Ms. Bass has been an educator for more than 13 years.
Fun Facts: She is a wife and mother of two who loves to travel (her favorite destinations have been Ghana, Japan, and Austin, TX) and has run 11 marathons in five states.
E-mail: Jessica.Bass@kuumba.k12.de.us


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