Citizen Budget Oversight Committee

Citizen Budget Oversight Committee

To provide financial transparency and oversight, all Delaware charter schools and school districts are required to maintain a Citizen Budget Oversight Committee (CBOC) that represents parents, educators, and community members.

The CBOC is responsible for reviewing:

  • Proposed or existing purchases and expenditures
  • Budget position reports
  • Line item budget reports
  • Existing or proposed plans involving spending

CBOC Members

The current members of KACS’ Citizens Budget Oversight Committee are:

  • Aruku Davis
  • Bernard Fisher
  • Michelle Lambert
  • Sally Maldonado
  • Sindia Maldonado

CBOC Membership

To apply to become a member of the CBOC, please complete and return the member application to Head of School Sally Maldonado.

CBOC Meeting Schedule

CBOC 2017/18 Meeting Schedule

CBOC Meeting Agendas

All CBOC Meeting Agendas

CBOC Meeting Minutes

All CBOC Meeting Minutes

General Weekly CBOC Agenda

1. Review of previous meeting minutes
2. Presentation of monthly financial reports- Michelle Lambert
3. Unfinished business
4. New Business


1200 North French Street
Wilmington, DE 19801
P: 302.660.4750



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